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Lot Information

Waterloo Business Park is at the forefront of commercial property development in Christchurch. We have a range of commercial and industrial land for sale for you to create your new premises. Hover over the map and click on each lot to find out more on our availability and current occupiers. For more detailed information about the range of commercial real estate and industrial land for sale in Christchurch, contact Waterloo Business Park today.

Larger lots on the periphery of the Business Park will allow major national and international companies to set up their large scale operations with ease. Our zoning allows for general industrial occupiers which combined with our excellent location makes Waterloo the perfect option for anyone connecting by road, rail or air. The row of lots between the realigned Waterloo Road and the rail line may particularly suit industrial users with a requirement for direct connection with the Main South Railway line and investigation into the inclusion of sidings will be part of the next stage of development.

The central park and related Islington Square will be the heart and soul of Waterloo. Here, tenancies that serve the greater Business Park population will be encouraged to take up residence. Cafes, convenience retail, factory and wholesale shops, leisure and other businesses will become popular destinations for staff and visitors.


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