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Today in The Press we released our latest development map and we are pleased to announce that more than half of what’s on offer in Stage One or Two is sold, under contract or under negotiation. If there is one word that sums up the Waterloo Business Park project – it’s momentum; things are moving at a rapid pace and the results are starting to shape up.

With so much happening it’s important to us that we remain focused on the core aspects of the vision and the team has been working hard to ensure that the Master Plan is always at the forefront of discussion.

Landscape plans indicative of the quality Christchurch is well known for are in design. Unique technologies like solar chargers in outdoor workspaces, free solar hot spots throughout the entire park, hyper fast broadband and energy saving systems for design build projects are all under consideration. We are even taking our site office off the grid and going solar to make a statement about our commitment to being a sustainable work place.
It’s easy to talk about being on the cutting edge of technology and creating Christchurch’s preeminent place of work and it’s another thing to actually go out and create it. I’m confident Waterloo Business Park is on track to meet expectations and create the ideal work environment for Canterbury businesses. Call me today on 021 960 655 to discuss your needs for industrial and commercial real estate.

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